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I am proud to offer a unique blend of expertise at a new and private office centered around giving the best option to your whitest smile and exclusive, advanced training as a Professional Technician.
Professional Teeth Whitening


Achieving a confident whiter smile no longer has to mean a visit to your dentist for professional results. As an experienced expert, I've returned with an exclusive formula combined with the most effective techniques which enable me to provide each unique smile with a custom treatment that matches expectations for your whitest smile. Why settle for less when you can be treated with the best?

Advanced Professional Teeth Whitening Technician Course


I fully believe that the true success in this industry that fails to meet student & business standards when it comes to teeth whitening, is based not just only on extensive knowledge and student commitment, but honesty towards the career as a whole. It begins without a screen of secrets and distractions by highly overpriced marketing packages that fall severely short of education, safety, and realistic expectations. A FREE CONSULTATION will inform you of everything to expect before, during, and after your course and what you NEED to know before you enroll in ANY course. I support education and career investment and believe your training should begin with preparation, understanding the career, and how to excel after you graduate.

Private One-On-One Education


I take great pride in my knowledge of education, training, and experience to focus solely on your goals and success. Whether you're looking for a new business career or adding an exclusive professional and high-standard service to your existing business, this is a course dedicated to building high revenue and meeting client expectations for every unique smile. Take your business to the next level with this all-inclusive course with live one-on-one training and a student package to help you master advanced skills and techniques that make all the difference in client expectations.









  Now Enhanced With         The Power Of

Your Smile Leaves A Lasting Impression!

Have you noticed that your teeth aren't as white as you want them to be? Are you frustrated over the exact offers that don't deliver the results of the WHITE SMILE you're looking for?

The masks are off and it's time to SPARKLE your best asset.

At SPARKLE WHITE SMILES  you deserve the best and are provided with the best. Your expectations of PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING are met with customized treatments for optimal results.

Offering ADVANCED LED/LASER TECHNOLOGY, with imperative preparation of your teeth and an advanced, unique quad-formula application, you get INSTANT RESULTS, 100% NO SENSITIVITY, and up to 14 SHADES LIGHTER!

Used by world-leading dentists & celebrities, this exclusive treatment is perfectly combined with a dual application of POWERFUL DENTAL-GRADE HP + 24K GOLD. The new GUARANTEED RESULTS of a new BRIGHT WHITE SMILE you won't find anywhere else.

Look your best & feel your best with a REFRESHED & YOUTHFUL SMILE TODAY!

Want to start a career in Teeth Whitening or add it to your existing business?

Full live & online training, unlimited support, everything you need for true success + my EXCLUSIVE formula & dental techniques.

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