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The ceramic bottle usher in development opportunities
Time:2012-09-07  Posted By:The Pingxiang City Thiel Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Attention: 6675

    Ceramic bottle, only a short while ago, in wine packaging market competition, there is strong growth in glass bottles to replace the trend. However, " the trend is a reincarnation, " ceramic bottle also in tough competition in the market today have the opportunity of development.

    From 2010 to 2011, ceramic bottle market demand increasing by 50%, many high-end wineries in the introduction of new products will be preferred by the ceramic wine bottle packing, which is a ceramic bottle manufacturers very exciting information. Then, ceramic bottle from the past to now desolate scene is infinite, what market motivation behind this?

    First of all, ceramic bottle has a unique " China Wind " charm, and in recent years the domestic sweep " Chinese wind" is completely consistent, glass bottles more passing out industrial flavor, ceramic bottle conveying is classical, traditional flavor, and domestic high-end wine needs packaging contains very anastomosis. With such as traditional Moutai wine using high-grade ceramic bottle packaging, so that the ceramic bottle endowed with deeper cultural heritage.

    Secondly, the bottle collectors sought after, if you pay attention to bottle collection, you'll find out, the bottle collectors often on ceramic bottle collection show special preference to, this is because the ceramic bottle compared to other wine bottle, in the form of plasticity in the art business stronger, stronger.

    Nowadays, is the ceramic bottle enterprises from the new coruscate new development opportunity of the moment, did not believe that in the near future, ceramic bottle will recover their lost in the packaging market share.

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