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Maotai bottles abroad popular
Time:2012-09-07  Posted By:The Pingxiang City Thiel Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Attention: 13274
    The activities personally presided over by Prince Andrew, the United Kingdom more than 100 entrepreneurs to participate. Banquet drink the Maotai, then friendship, talk in Western cultural compatibility, inclusive, Maotai become a beautiful landscape of western upper class dinner after fighting took Maotai bottle. A few days ago, in Guizhou Maotai Group in association with the Chinese liquor and socio-economic development forum ---- Intangible Cultural Heritage of Chinese liquor and old Chinese enterprises Conference, organized by the Chinese wine industry associations, Guizhou Maotai Group Chairman, Guizhou Maotai Co., Ltd., Yuan Renguo revealed that since last year, Guizhou Moutai rise in overseas sales in a straight line, more and more international mainstream community awareness of Chinese liquor is strengthening.

In recent years, the Maotai continue to strengthen the marketing and management to build a self-contained, the basis for the consolidation of comprehensive coverage, the country liquor responsive marketing network system. Currently, the State Liquor Maotai has 57 agents abroad (outside), market coverage in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, southern Africa and China an important port for the duty-free market.

It is understood that when the Olympic flame ignited raging in London the invitation of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the second son of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, co-sponsored by the Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. and Beijing National Liquor Maotai cultural studies "China Night "large-scale cultural exchange activities in the British royal palace - beautiful the Millennium Castle Windsor Castle was held. It is reported that in 2011 the export of Maotai Group hit a record high for the first time exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars, marks turned international brand has taken firm steps.

The next 20 years, the Maotai Group will strive to integrate industry quality resources, acquisitions, mergers 5-10 famous liquor brand to the Maotai playing world-class enterprises, to enter the world of five hundred lead Guizhou liquor to the country, leading the Chinese liquor towards the world, and build the Chinese liquor new advantages in the international market, and establish a new status in the world of Chinese liquor.

It is understood that the "12th Five-Year period, the Maotai Group will promote" a product-based series developed to ensure good wine articles; doing fine and the main industry, extending up and down rational expand wine outside heaven and earth "strategy, so gifted Maotai bigger series of wine to spare upstream and downstream industries, stronger AG, bigger group of companies, and comprehensive than the competitors, the consolidation of the industry benchmark status. "Twelve Five" Maotai base wine production reached 60,000 tons, the other series of wine production reached 10 tons, will try to reach 100 billion yuan sales income. Guizhou Maotai market capitalization of over 350 billion yuan.

The next 10 years, the Maotai Group will vigorously implement the "development of strong enterprises, promote the reform of enterprises, management Solid enterprises, the quality of legislation, environmental care enterprises, science and technology enterprises, talent thriving enterprise, culture Yang enterprises, security and stable prices, harmonious prosperous enterprises strategy, Maotai brand influence, cultural influence, benefit influential talent influence, the influence of marketing in the domestic first-class, world-leading.

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